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Announcement Requests

How to request a new student announcement story in the Student Portal

The Student Announcements section of the Student Portal is the location where Student & Academic Services publishes City, University of London information and news for students.

It is not currently possible to target announcements at specific student groups. Announcements will therefore be available to view by all Student Portal users.

Announcements should provide a link to the page(s) on City's website that contains further information, if relevant.

Announcement Publication Criteria:

City, University of London student announcements are published within the Student Portal, and are available to all students. Therefore, requests to publish new announcements must:

  • Be relevant to all or a majority City, University of London students;
  • Be made by a City student service, and support the delivery of that service;
  • Be clear, concise and specific, and jargon-free;
  • Be relevant to students at the time the request is published (not just be general information, or repeat information published in a previous announcement);
  • Be placed in accordance with any relevant institution policy & regulation.

Any announcements published within the Student Portal are normally not also sent to students by email.

Announcements that are operational in nature, e.g. routine building or system maintenance, updates on system status changes, or which are notices on behalf of an individual or external organisation, will not be published.

Any new announcement request will be checked by Student & Academic Services, who reserves the right to refuse, amend or remove a requested announcement at their discretion. Please allow up to 48 hours from the date of your request.

Announcement Images:

All announcements must have an image. Please provide the City Asset Bank image ID number with your announcement request.

If the image you want to use is not yet in the Asset Bank, please contact Marketing & Communications (Zhuliyana Boyanova, x4093) to request that it is added.


If you should have questions or problems with placing a new student announcement, please contact Catherine Gowers in Student & Academic Services, using the contact information indicated.

Student Portal Announcement Request form

About you:

Please provide your City University email address.

Your Announcement:

This is the title of the announcement that will appear in the Student Portal. Maximum 100 characters.

The Summary Text is a short summary (maximum 125 characters) of the announcement.

This is the full text of the announcement, which should include any links to pages on the University's website.

This is the first date that you would like the announcement story published.

Please don't include an end date unless the announcement should stop being available to students after a specific date.

Announcements should normally continue to be available in the Announcement List after any deadline noted.

All announcements must have an image. Please confirm the image ID number you wish to use from the City University Asset Bank, available at:

N.B. If the image you wish to use is not in the Asset Bank, please contact Marketing & Communications (Josie Gleave, x4028) to request it is added.

Other Information:

This will be added to the announcement text.

Please enter any additional information, instructions, or questions about this request.

Submit your request:

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