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Learning Enhancement and Development

Educational Technology Workshops

Educational Technology Workshops

These workshops are intended as basic introductions to key aspects of using technology to support teaching and learning. We have a range of face-to-face or online sessions available which you can attend.

Each session is also mapped to the relevant dimensions of the United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). We hope that drawing all the opportunities together in this way, and mapping to the UKPSF, will allow staff to plan their professional development for the term, and more easily evidence claims for Fellowships of the Higher Education Academy, which are based on this framework.


Introduction to Moodle for Academics  (A1, A2, K4) The session includes an introduction to Moodle and provides the basic skills required to set up a module in Moodle for lecturers. The workshop will run through an overview of Moodle navigation and organisation, creating and updating content and adding activities to a Moodle module. We will also explore the most common assessment types and communication methods available to you in Moodle.

5th February 14:00-15:00

15th February 11:00-12:00

Introduction to Lecture Capture (A1, A2, A4, K4 ) A short session providing an overview of lecture capture. We will go through the steps required before, during and after your lecture(s) to ensure that they are recorded and made available to your students in an appropriate format.


14:00 14:45

7th March


Exploring Teaching Pods (A1, A2, A4) A short session to introduce staff to teaching pods. Staff will have opportunity to explore how to use the pod effectively for teaching activities.

21st January




Managing online assessment using Turnitin (A1, A2, A3, K4 ) The session includes an introduction to Turnitin and provides skills required to use Feedback Studio effectively to grade and provide feedback. The workshop will run through Turnitin essentials such as adding comments, providing general feedback and using rubrics to mark student’s work.

28th January


10th April


Moodle assignments: Managing offline feedback and grading  (A1, A2, A3, K4)

Explore and practice the processes for managing offline feedback and grading on Moodle assignments.

13th March


2nd April 


DIY Video (A1,A2,A4,K2) This is a hands-on session to demonstrate screen recording tools available to all City staff. You will learn how to create your own videos at your desk in a simple and effective way. We will also explore why you may want to use this approach in teaching and learning.

11th March


21st March


Introduction to Poll Everywhere (A1, A2, A4, K4 ) An interactive session on Poll Everywhere. Participating via this student response system, you will discover how to create your own polls and questions, and how they can improve engagement and participation.

1st February


26th March


Interpreting Turnitin Similarity Reports (A2, A3, K4 ) This session will show you how to interpret Turnitin reports. By looking at and discussing reports, you will learn to recognise if an assignment has been referenced correctly, if a student needs additional guidance on referencing or if there is evidence of academic misconduct.



19th March


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In addition to programmed workshops, we are able to offer a by-request workshop facility. This means it may be possible to run additional workshops for groups of people at the request of a particular department or team.  Please contact your Educational Technology School Team Lead with your request.

Drop in sessions

We provide individual help with educational technology skills to all City staff during term time on Thursdays 13:30-15:00 in B310, University Building. No need to book just drop by our training room.