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Smoke-free Policy

The policy has been produced with the employees' and students' best interests in mind. The right of people to breathe clean air prevails over the right of the smoker to smoke.

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the premises or grounds, including offices, corridors, toilets and car parks and external spaces that are within City buildings (e.g. the portacabin courtyard, the basement roadway in Northampton Square Campus).  All of City's work vehicles will also be smoke free.

Smokers are requested not to smoke within 3 metres outside any work premises and building entrances. This applies to staff, students, visitors, temporary workers and contractors. This is to prevent smoke going back into the building via open windows and doorways.

In accordance with guidance in 2013 from the British Medical Association, the ban on smoking also applies to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).

Students Breaching Smoke-free Policy

Any student not complying with this policy will be referred to their head of department who will meet with them to ensure that they understand the policy and are aware of the potential action that City may take should they be found smoking again on City's premises.

Any subsequent occasions where the student is found to have been smoking will result in disciplinary action under the student disciplinary code.