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Portable hearing support

Personal Portable Induction Loops

City University London Disability Support is working with Action on Hearing Loss to ensure those with hearing difficulties can make the most of their time at City. This includes deaf awareness training for support staff and the introduction of Portable Induction Loops (PILs) for students, staff and visitors with hearing loss.

PILs are available for students and staff to keep with them throughout their time at City and can also be borrowed on a daily basis, including by visitors, from these locations across the University:

  • Northampton Square Reception
  • College Building Reception
  • Rhind Building Reception
  • Myddelton Street Reception
  • Cass Reception
  • 200 Aldersgate Reception
  • Princeton Street Reception
  • Atkin Building Reception
  • IS Service Centre, E101

The technology used is the Phonak Roger system. This includes the Roger Pen, a modern, sleek and elite amplifier which comes with a powerful transmitter, meaning you can hear from up to 20 metres away. The system features a discreet wireless microphone, used by the person speaking and a MyLink neckloop receiver suitable for use with any hearing aids/cochlear implants featuring a T-Coil setting.

The Roger Pen and MyLink neckloop receiver

 Hearing Loop, Roger MyLink receiverHearing Loop - Roger pen in charger

Find out more about The Roger System.

Student who require a Roger system should contact the Disability Support team in Learning Success to find out more.

Email: Disability Support Team

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7040 0246

Staff who would like a Roger system should contact Occupational Health.

Email: Occupational Health

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7040 5999