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Current students

Disability Support

The Disability Support team within Learning Success works with students with a range of diagnosed disabilities and long-term health conditions to identify strategies and reasonable adjustments which will enhance the learning experience of students. Our Service is committed to promoting inclusivity and equality for students with disabilities, with the aim to give students the opportunity to gain qualifications which fully reflect their capabilities.
We also work with students who require temporary arrangements as a result of an injury or short-term illness.

NMH support

View a list of current NMH support rates

In order to develop the support on offer to all students at City, University of London, including 1:1 specialist support and mentoring for students with disabilities, it is extremely useful to get feedback from staff in Schools and Departments.

Learning Success and the Student Counselling and Mental Health Service would like to encourage you to send your comments and feedback on the support we provide by emailing or Thank you.