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About City

Profile page of Mr. Nicolaos Papadopoulos

Contact information

nicolaos.papadopoulos.1@city.ac.uk, nicolaos.papadopoulos@gmail.com

Main Project(s)

Destruction of clots in the carotid artery of a rabbit in vivo using MRI-guided focused ultrasound in combination with thrombolytic drugs.


Mr Nicolaos Papadopoulos received his Degree in Physics from the University of Athens in 1991 and his MSc in Radiation Physics from the University of London in 1994. The last 20 years he is working as full-time Medical Physicist for the Ministry of Health in Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus and since 2013 he is registered as a part-time external PhD, focusing in the area of therapeutic ultrasound. His research project aims to use focused ultrasound (FUS) energy to enhance thrombolysis induced by thrombolytic drug tenecteplase (TNK-tPA), in the carotid artery of a rabbit, guided with MRI. The majority of his work involves optimization of FUS exposure parameters, which in conjunction with the administration of thrombolytic drug and with or without microbubbles (MBs), will lead to fast and complete clot lysis in a rabbit carotid artery model without any adverse health effects, such thermal heating.