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  2. Centenary Building
    1. Convocation Suite (HLG01)
    2. Birley Lecture Theatre (HG01)
    3. Geary Lecture Theatre (H101)
    4. Oakden Lecture Theatre (H201)
    5. Poynton Lecture Theatre (H301)
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Centenary Building

The Centenary Building is located at Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB.

You can use Visit City for a map of the building location.

You can use the room booking form to perform a search for a room suitable for your needs, even if you are not ready to book.

Lecture Theatres

Birley (HG01) (Ground Floor)

Geary (H101) (First Floor)

Oakden (H201) (Second Floor)

Poynton (H301) (Third Floor (top))

Meeting Room

Convocation Suite (HLG01) (Lower Ground Floor)