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City joined the University of London (UOL) on 1st September 2016.

For our students, membership will improve their university experience. They gain access to a larger student community, numerous student societies, additional sports facilities, accommodation provision and libraries.

City continues to set its entrance criteria and examinations, award its own degrees and offer independent services to students. It remains a chartered institution, autonomous and self-governing, with its own Council, Senate, Students’ Union and other bodies.

Having been formed in 1894 as the Northampton Institute and receiving our royal charter in 1966 as The City University London, this marks a significant date in the history of City. Following City's accession to the University of London, we changed our name to 'City, University of London'.

Comments from City, University of London


Professor Sir Paul Curran

President of City, University of London

"Joining the University of London marks a significant new chapter in City’s history. It is a major opportunity but also a signal of how far City has come as an institution. We will retain our historic strengths, professional credibility and deep-rooted City of London heritage while we strengthen our international profile and expand our research and academic capabilities.”

Issy Cooke

Issy Cooke

Former president of City Students' Union

“This partnership with the University of London gives students the opportunity to meet more people and be part of a broader London community."

Vice-President for Research and Enteprise Professor Andrew Jones

Professor Andrew Jones

Vice-President (Research & Enterprise), City, University of London

"Before we joined the University of London, City had to stand alone and think in a proactive way about the challenges presented by an increasingly competitive environment. We hope to bring some of these insights to the federation, while experiencing the benefits of a strong central brand that works in synchrony with its Colleges."

black and white profile shot of Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson

Head of Sport and Leisure Services, City, University of London

"1st September 2016 will mark the date we officially joined the University of London, but also the beginning of additional opportunities within our competitive sporting programme. As many will know, City students will be able to join University of London sports clubs, train at their facilities and still represent City in competitions. In particular, we will see facilities and world-leading coaching offered through these clubs. While City already boasts a sector-leading sports facility in CitySport, I can only imagine what the next few years hold in store for our student athletes."

What does it mean?

City was admitted as a College of the federal University of London in September 2016. The Privy Council agreed a supplemental Charter which changed City's name and the titles of its senior officers, reflecting that City has ceased to be a university and has become an autonomous College within the UOL federation.

The new name is 'City, University of London'.

Watch this video of our staff and students explaining what this means to them:

For students who began their studies in September 2015, this means that at the beginning of their second year of study, City is a formal part of UOL. City's new name will appear on certificates for degrees awarded after 1st September 2016.

The UOL Implementation Project Steering Group, has been overseeing the implementation process and keeping students, staff and alumni informed of progress. We would encourage any students with any questions about the student experience to contact our external enquiries team.

Information for staff and students

Full details, including questions and answers about the University of London and the benefits of City's membership:

This webpage contains questions and answers about the University of London and the benefits of City’s membership.

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