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The President's Awards

Winners 2018

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2018 President's Awards.

Many congratulations to all our winners and nominees.

Best Collaborative Project between a School and a Professional Service

cass project
Verity Altomare and the Cass Website Redevelopment Team

“Relaunched in March 2018, the project was a huge cross-team effort with the objective to revitalise the Cass website to ensure the School continues to attract and engage the best students by showcasing its community.”

International Collaboration of the Year

Tim Pring
Professor Tim Pring

“Tim initiated the City-Cambodia project, an annual scheme which has seen 76 Speech and Language Therapy graduates travel to Cambodia for short term voluntary placements at local hospitals and schools.”

Outstanding Contribution to Equality and Diversity

Athena Swan
The Transgender, Intersex, Gender Non-Conforming Working Group

“For the development and implementation of a policy that is sending a key message to current and future staff and students that City is open and inclusive, and welcomes diversity."

Outstanding Research Engagement - Media and Outreach

Angela GalloFirst winner: Barbara Casu Lukac, Francesc Rodriguez-Tous and Angela Gallo
“Their research found that establishing a state-owned UK Post Bank would ensure the long-term sustainability of the Post Office by diversifying its portfolio of activities and increasing revenues.  Their work received widespread media coverage and made waves in Westminster, being cited by a number of MPs and parliamentary advisors.”

Christoph BrueckerSecond winner: Christoph Bruecker
“His research into the flight patterns and performance of the peregrine falcon featured in the BBC Two documentary ‘Super Fast Falcon’, significantly raising the profile of City's aeronautical engineering research. It is a splendid example of the way fascinating STEM themes around nature and aviation can be blended and brought to the attention of the general public.”

Research Project of the Year

First winner: Dr Liza Schuster
“Liza has conducted research with more than 100 failed Afghan asylum seekers and found that people experience multiple challenges when arriving back in their home country.”

Second winner: Professor Les Mayhew
“Winning for two pieces of research – one which contrasts life expectancy and career activity rates, and another which considers the impact of deprivation on demographic inequalities in England.”

Professional Services Project of the Year

The WorkTribe Team: Szabi Steiner, Dr Claudia Kalay, Christine Giroux, Jody Williams and Rangika Abhayawickrama

“The team manages the research income at City and implemented a new software called WorkTribe which makes it easier for users to manage research funds and secure sponsorship.”

Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community

Zohra Jeraj and Leanne AllenFirst winner: Zohra Jeraj and Leanne Allen
“Together they have made a significant impact in developing a positive relationship with City of London Academy Islington. Working closely with senior staff they have built a tailored programme of tutoring with a core focus on maths."

Ben CopseySecond winner: Ben Copsey
“Ben has strengthened the relationship between City and our surrounding primary schools. These have grown from standard campus visits, into a fully integrated programme linked to the needs of each school and the local community, bringing City into the lives of children and their families."

Tullis RennieCommendation : Dr Tullis Rennie
“Tullis created an audio-visual art installation titled Walls on Walls, in collaboration with the V&A Museum and residents at Lansbury Estate in Poplar."

Outstanding Personal Achievement

Leo Chadburn
Leo Chadburn

“Leo has worked tirelessly to build the Music Department Concert Series to a nationally-recognised concert performance programme, attracting high-profile international artists and large audiences from across London and beyond.”

Outstanding Engagement with Business and the Professions

Dr Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho
Dr Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho

“Lucia is a founding member of a midwifery network unit which promotes midwifery lead birthing centres. Part of Lucia’s work is looking to set up a Social Enterprise here at City, where practising midwives would be given training to provide evidence based care to expecting mothers.”

Outstanding Service in Support of Students

William Power
William Power

One student writes: “Will not only changed my experience here at City; he creates a unique sense of community that I am proud to share every day. Being a CityBuddy has been the best thing that I did at this University, and working with Will these past two years has been a huge honour that I will never forget.”.

Team of the Year

International Student Advice Team
International Student Advice Team

“For their commitment to both international and local student experience, which includes culture shock sessions at Welcome Week, a new online module assisting with Tier 4 Visa applications and the HOST programme where international students are able to spend time and meet with domestic students”.

Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Dr Jessica Jones-Nielsen
Dr Jessica Jones-Nielsen

School of Arts and Social Sciences

“Jessica is an outstanding educator who works hard to illuminate real world issues for her students. She embeds her teaching within local, national and global contexts, providing evidence-based new thinking to challenge and inspire psychologists in their professional training.”

Alessandro Giudici
Alessandro Giudici
Cass Business School

“Alessandro is passionate about his subject and about students learning, he gives outstanding coaching both individually and in teams. His relationship with students is excellent and their feedback cites him as inspiring and motivating them to learn and achieve.”

Rosa Benato
Rosa Benato

School of Health Sciences

“Rosa has led on teaching innovation as well as providing exemplary support for colleagues wishing to develop their teaching skills, including running CPD workshops. She has worked to ensure that many clinical programmes within the School contain sessions on how to work with transgender and non-binary patients in practice”.

Dr Efstathios Milonidis
Dr Efstathios Milonidis

School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering

“Full of knowledge and still very excited to engage with his students, Stathis is a regarded as an exceptional teacher. He is passionate, enthusiastic and patient, whose love of teaching shines through”.

Katherine Reece-Thomas Katherine Reece-Thomas
The City Law School

“Students compliment Katherine’s enthusiasm and her creative approach to educating and supporting learning, which makes them feel valued as individuals. She devotes a significant amount of time encouraging students to engage in online discussions and she gives great care to creating an online teaching environment that is supportive yet challenging.”