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The President's Awards

Team of the Year

The following nominations are shortlisted for this category.

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City Starters team
CityStarters team

"City is reputed and looked towards for excellence and innovation in the delivery of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Education. This is down to the hard work and significant efforts of the Enterprise Education Team, known to most as CityStarters."

Library teamLibrary team

"In the past 18 months the achievements of the Library Service has improved the learning experience for the student population, supported the work of the academics and researchers, raised the profile of the service within the University, and externally within the HE Library Community."

School of Health Sciences Research team
School of Health Sciences Research team

"Professor Jill Francis was instrumental in the development of six research centres, which provided a clear framework and infrastructure for the long term development of research and research capacity.Their work has involved innovative initiatives positively impacting on the School and University, striving for overall research excellence, with an enduring effect."