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The President's Awards

Outstanding Doctoral Supervision

The following nominations are shortlisted for this category.

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Jean Chalaby
Professor Jean Chalaby

Head of Department of Sociology

Nominated for going above and beyond the call of duty. He helps students find their way, providing extensive and helpful feedback on their work and encouraging ambition. He shows great commitment, attention to detail and belief in the abilities of others.

Sonia Falconieri
Dr Sonia Falconieri

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Nominated for her relationship with students, offering a combination of research guidance and support for students going through difficult periods. She interprets results and provides alternative views and useful comments.

Katerina Hilari
Dr Katerina Hilari
Reader in Acquired Language Impairments

Nominated for providing effective support, regular feedback with honest and constructive criticism. She encourages students to think and go further, to take part in conferences, to publish research outcomes and provides solutions in any difficult situation, at any time.