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The President's Awards

Team of the Year

The following nominations are shortlisted for this category.

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Team of the Year

International Student Advice Team (Visa Advice)

“For their commitment to both international and local student experience, which includes culture shock sessions at Welcome Week, a new online module assisting with Tier 4 Visa applications and the HOST programme where international students are able to spend time and meet with domestic students”.

WP Outreach Team

“They employ over 200 City students as ambassadors and mentors in their work which strengthens City’s relationships with 100 schools spanning primary to post-16, teachers, parents and mature students.”

Mr Szabi Steiner, Dr Claudia Kalay Ms Christine Giroux Ms Jody Williams; and Mrs Rangika Abhayawickrama

“They manage the research income at City and implemented a new software called WorkTribe which makes it easier for the users to manage funds and secure sponsorship.”.

Cass Centre of Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE) professional services support team

“They have seen the development of the Charity SIG alumni programme, working with DARO to build relations with past students and develop our community. The team will support the hosting of the Global Donors Forum 2018 and the Non-profit Academic Centres Council Conference 2019 - both firsts to be held in the UK”.