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The President's Awards

Outstanding Research Engagement - Media and Outreach

The following nominations are shortlisted for this category.

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Media and outreach

Dr Marco Bastos and Dr Dan Mercea

“Their study was the first peer-reviewed research into the presence of automated Twitter accounts during the Brexit referendum campaign. Since its publication, the study has had a highly significant impact on public debate around the issue, official political inquiries and academic thinking on the subject.”

Professor Barbara Casu Lukac, Dr Francesc Rodriguez-Tous and Dr Angela Gallo

“Their research found that establishing a state-owned UK Post Bank would ensure the long-term sustainability of the Post Office by diversifying its portfolio of activities and increasing revenues.  Their work received widespread media coverage and made waves in Westminster, being cited by a number of MPs and parliamentary advisors.”

Professor Christoph Bruecker

“His research into the flight patterns and performance of the peregrine falcon featured in the BBC Two documentary ‘Super Fast Falcon’, significantly raising the profile of City's aeronautical engineering research. It is a splendid example of the way fascinating STEM themes around nature and aviation can be blended and brought to the attention of the general public.”