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The President's Awards

Excellence in Learning and Teaching (The Chancellor's Award)

The following nominations are shortlisted for this category.

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The City Law School


Katherine Reece-Thomas

“Students compliment Katherine’s enthusiasm and her creative approach to educating and supporting learning, which makes them feel valued as individuals. She devotes a significant amount of time encouraging students to engage in online discussions and she gives great care to creating an online teaching environment that is supportive yet challenging.”

Alex Mills

“Alex uses a variety of innovative teaching techniques including videos depicting practical court hearings and real-world scenarios to bring the subject to life. He creates an engaging, positive and collaborative environment that receives excellent feedback from students”.

Dr Stephen Halsall

“Stephen creates an involving and supportive environment where students can develop their advocacy and oratory skills. He gives students a clear understanding of the practicalities of working in the courtroom setting and of the case analysis that is essential to successful advocacy. His teaching style has been described as extremely motivating, friendly and comfortable.”

Cass Business School


Dr Sabrina Gottschalk and Dr Jonathan Luffarelli

“Sabrina and Jonathan teamed up with Tesco, Colgate, and Dunnhumby, to bring an event full of innovative marketing challenges and hands-on industry experience to our students. This two-day event brought together 60 students and 30 industry mentors to develop marketing campaigns, providing an outstanding and unique educational experience.”

Dr Elena Novelli

“Described as an exciting, enthusiastic and highly influential teacher, Elena makes a direct connection between her research and learning objectives in the classroom and is extremely effective in communicating with students. Her lecturing style is innovative and cutting edge, and this has made her one of the most popular members of faculty on the executive MBA programme.”

Dr Alessandro Giudici

“Alessandro is passionate about his subject and about students learning, he gives outstanding coaching both individually and in teams. His relationship with students is excellent and their feedback cites him as inspiring and motivating them to learn and achieve.”

School of Health Sciences


Dr Eamonn McKeown

“Students consistently cite Eamonn as an inspiring lecturer who motivates them to learn through clear communication, innovative methods, approachability, enthusiasm, humour and expertise in his subject area.”

Dr Lucy Myers

“Lucy interactively involves students in her teaching and fosters their clinical development through case-based learning. Her continued clinical practice benefits all students, challenging them to become the best clinicians they can be”.

Rosa Benato

“Rosa has led on teaching innovation as well as providing exemplary support for colleagues wishing to develop their teaching skills, including running CPD workshops. She has worked to ensure that many clinical programmes within the School contain sessions on how to work with transgender and non-binary patients in practice”.

School of Arts and Social Sciences


Dr Jessica Jones-Nielsen

“Jessica is an outstanding educator who works hard to illuminate real world issues for her students. She embeds her teaching within local, national and global contexts, providing evidence-based new thinking to challenge and inspire psychologists in their professional training.”

Dr Sally Stares

“Sally prioritises hands-on student learning and employs a diverse range of e-learning technologies. She is committed to collaborative teaching and has worked alongside colleagues in the department to find innovative ways to teach. This has included incorporating actors into interview methods training.”

Dr Tullis Rennie

“Tullis’s teaching is consistently rated excellent and his module evaluation scores are among the highest in the School. Students report how much they enjoy his teaching and value his support, finding his classes intellectually rigorous and inspirational.”

School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering


Olga Herrero

“Olga is a Teaching Assistant that has been working in the Department of Computer Science for many years. Described as extremely efficient, knowledgeable and caring, academics and students are equally enthusiastic about her support for their modules.”

Dr Efstathios Milonidis

“Full of knowledge and still very excited to engage with his students, Stathis is a regarded as an exceptional teacher. He is passionate, enthusiastic and patient, whose love of teaching shines through”.

Dr Olalla Castro-Alvaredo

“The recipient of a SMCSE Learning and Teaching award, Olalla works tirelessly as a Programme Director. She has implemented many changes to the programmes with a focus on improving student progression and employability.”