The President's Awards
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The President's Awards

Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community

The following nominations are shortlisted for this category.

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Local Community

London Open House Team

“A prime example of doing something very important and significant 'above and beyond' and with great enthusiasm and pride”.

Nicola Ranson

“Nicola works tirelessly to improve our relationship with local residents, addressing their concerns about building works, late night noise and disruption, as well as showcasing the many positive ways City’s staff and students help the local community.”

Rosa Benato

“Rosa’s engagement with Hackney Community College and with this particular client group, encouraging and facilitating their attendance for health checks, is a model of excellent practice in terms of leadership, facilitation, communication, liaison and practice”.

The Social Enterprises Festival Team

“The festival’s success means it will now be a permanent fixture and we have inundated with offers to collaborate with other institutions with similar social agendas”.