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Emily Allbon

Senior Lecturer Emily Allbon

"We help our students to understand complex theories and inspire them to achieve their potential."

Emily teaches on our undergraduate Law degree - part of The City Law School students study at one of London's major law schools.

In 2013 the Higher Education Academy named her one of 55 National Teaching Fellows - the UK’s most prestigious awards for excellence in higher education teaching and support for learning. This was in recognition of her teaching and the impact of the Lawbore website she created, this is a resource with lots of useful content for anyone studying Law. Lawbore is built around the needs of City’s students but has been so successful it is used by students nationwide. Emily has been at City since 2004, starting out as a Law Librarian before becoming a lecturer at the The City Law School.

According to Emily

"The first year of a Law course at City covers an exciting mix of subjects: English Legal System, Constitutional and Administrative, Contract and Criminal Law with Legal Method to connect it all together. As University lecturers, our job is to bring this content alive and make it relevant and topical. Our students are so lucky to be studying Law in central London – here Law isn’t just something in textbooks, it is real and all around them. We help our students to understand complex theories and inspire them to achieve their potential, while also engaging and challenging them. We give students the confidence and drive to be independent and critical in their learning, both whilst at City and beyond."

Need to know

  • Emily teaches on ‘Legal Method’ in year 1 of the LLB and the Land Law module in their 2nd year.

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