1. Subjects
  2. Criminology


Criminology at City is defined by its empirical, policy-relevant, comparative orientation.

An intellectually dynamic and naturally interdisciplinary field, Criminology-related activities at City are usually led by the Department of Sociology in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, but lead to frequent collaboration with The City Law School. Through City’s course offerings and research, both the Department of Journalism and the Department of Psychology also help to deliver activities based on Criminology. Key areas of interest include: how crime is defined, understanding crime causation and crime control, criminal justice, victimology and how these areas relate to society, politics and the economy.

Courses and study

City offers courses focused on the study of Criminology at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research level. Undergraduate courses are part of the City Q-Step Centre programme, which is devoted to developing the data literacy and quantitative methods skills of undergraduate social scientists. City’s Criminology courses prepare students for careers in a range of sectors and organisations, including: the police, prisons, offender management, youth justice, community safety and academic and professional research.


Criminology research activities at City are led by two interdisciplinary centres: the Centre for Crime and Justice Research (co-directed with The City Law School) and the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism (co-directed with the Department of Journalism and The City Law School). The latter is the first major interdisciplinary centre in the United Kingdom to develop a broad, yet focused interface between law, justice and journalism in society.


City’s central London location and proximity to key criminal justice institutions – including the Centre Criminal Court (the ‘Old Bailey’), three police services (London Metropolitan, City of London and British Transport) and numerous prisons – facilitates our distinctive approach to the applied study of crime and criminal justice.