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Funding for students with dependants

Students with dependants may be eligible for additional non-repayable assistance on top of their student support package. This page gives a summary of the support available.

Childcare Grant

Full-time students can apply for a Childcare Grant to help cover up to 85% of the cost of your childcare. The amount you'll get depends on your household income, the cost of your childcare and the number of children who are dependent on you.

The entitlements for 2017/18 are:

  • £159.59 per week for one child;
  • £273.60 per week for two or more children.

Please visit Student Finance - Childcare Grant for more information.

Parents' Learning Allowance

Full time students with dependent children can apply for the Parents' Learning Allowance. It is worth up to £1,617 per year depending on your personal circumstances.

Please visit the Student Finance - Parents' Learning Allowance for more information.

Adult Dependants' Grant

Full time students with adult dependents can apply for the Adult Dependents' Grant. It is worth up to £2,834 a year depending on your personal circumstances.

Please visit the Student Finance

Child Tax Credit

If you have child dependants, you may be eligible for Child Tax Credit. The amount you receive depends on your personal circumstances. You can make your claim online through HM Revenue and Customs. For more information please see GOV.UK - tax credits or call 0845 300 3900.

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