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Frequently asked questions

Tuition Fees

How much will my fees be?

See our individual course pages where tuition fees will be posted as soon as they are set.

How can I pay my fees and can I pay online?

You can pay online at and during the online registration process.

Do I owe City, University of London money for my fees?

If you want to check whether you owe any money to City, you can email the Income Team at, or visit the Student Centre. Please always quote your City student ID card number.

Can I pay my fees by instalments?

Yes, you may be able to pay by two instalments. Read more about our Instalment Scheme.

What can I do if I have unexpected financial problems and I am unable to pay my fees in accordance with the two instalment scheme?

City offers a standard two payment instalment scheme to pay tuition fees. If you experience unexpected financial difficulties and are unable to pay by the standard instalment scheme dates, or if you fall into debt, you should visit the Student Centre as they may be able to grant you up to 14 days payment extension.

If you require more than a 14 day payment extension, you will need to agree a Payment Plan with the Finance Office. Once a payment plan has been agreed, you will be required to supply a form of post-dated payment to fully cover any unpaid fees. This can either be a series of post-dated cheques, or you can provide us with your debit/credit card details, and we will charge your card automatically on the agreed due dates.

Please be aware that results, certificates and re-enrolments may be withheld until your final payment has been received.

If your debt has been referred to our external collection agents, STA International, then Payment Plan agreements cannot be arranged with City, University of London. In these cases you must contact the external collection agents on +44 (0)16 2260 0900 to arrange a payment plan directly with them.

Have I provided my debit or credit card details to pay my fees?

To find out whether you have provided us with your credit/debit card details to pay your fees, contact Please quote your City student ID card registration number.

I have been contacted by a debt collection agency, what shall I do?

If you have been contacted by our debt collection agency, STA International, it means that you must have unpaid fees that you owe to City and you have not responded to our reminder letters and emails. The external collection agents form part of our process for collecting our unpaid fees and other costs. As a last resort, the Income Manager will refer your debt to our external collection agency following your de-registration. If you cannot pay the debt in full and want to set up a Payment Plan to pay by instalments you must communicate directly with STA International on +44 (0)16 2260 0900 . If you want to pay in full, then you can pay City, University of London, and we will inform the agency that you have paid. You will be liable for any agency costs.

Can I get a refund on my deposit or fees?

Deposits and fees paid to City will only be refunded in very exceptional circumstances as, once the year has started, City is unable to offer the place to another student. Should you want to enquire whether you might be considered for a refund, please contact the Financial Controller in your School.

If a refund is granted, the refund will either be paid by BACS to the bank account you originally used to pay your fees, or to the credit/debit card that you used. The refund can only be paid back to the original source and original payer. Therefore, you may be asked to provide evidence, such as a bank statement, of the bank account used to make the original payment.

Change of address, ID card issues & loss of IT and library facilities

Who should I notify that I have changed my address?

Please notify the Student Centre, your Course Office or the Finance Office of any change to your contact details as soon as possible. Email or call +44 (0)20 7040 7040.

I have lost my PC/library facilities, how can I have them reinstated?

There are various departments who may block your PC / library facilities, and for many reasons. When you are notified your account has been blocked, there will be an on screen message displayed to say which department has blocked your account, and therefore you need to contact that department to get your facilities back.

Should you fail to pay any of your fees by the due dates then it will be the Income Team in the Finance Office who have barred your access to IT and library facilities. To have these facilities returned you will need to pay any overdue debts in full, or make a Payment Plan with the Finance Office. The Finance Office staff to will re-instate your IT and Library facilities, as it is not an automatic process.

Changing course, withdrawing or de-registration

How can I change course, and how will it affect my fees?

If you want to change courses, you will need to arrange it with your course officer in your School. You will become liable for the new course fees.

How do I withdraw from my course?

If you want to withdraw from your course, you must notify your Course Officer in the School, otherwise you will continue to be pursued for any unpaid fees.

I have been de-registered, what does this mean?

You will be de-registered from City if you have not paid your fees by the due date and you have ignored our reminder letters and emails. Your IT and Library facilities will have already been removed and we will pass the debt to our external collection agents, STA International.

If you can pay your fees in full, the Registry will re-register you and notify the Income Manager who will inform the external collection agents that you have paid. If you cannot pay your debt in full please contact the external collection agents and arrange to pay your debt by instalments. The agents will then notify the Income Manager who will decide whether or not you can be re-registered.

Any other finance related questions can be emailed to

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