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Money management

Whether you’re planning to live in halls or at home during your time at City, learning to manage your money is a vital part of studying at City. Making a budget is the first step in successfully managing your money. You need to be realistic about both your income and expenses, and be ready to make some tough choices on how you spend your money.

This video shows the basic steps to make a budget:

The essentials

1  Maximise your income – ensure you apply and consider all potential sources of funding including: loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, family financial support, savings, suitable part-time work.

2 Look at what you’re spending your money on – include the essential costs like accommodation, food and travel and also odd expenses like gadgets, gifts, hairdos.

3 Make those tough decisions, decide which things are essential and must remain in your budget and which are luxuries which must be removed.

4 Part-time work City’s unitemps is at hand to help students find part-time work during term time and also more hours during long summer break*. There are also many other employment agencies which can help students find part-time work. With London’s vast array of shops and bars it’s quite easy for students to find suitable part-time work to fit around your studies.

*International students have working restrictions in the UK, please see the Visa Advice information on working during your studies.


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