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Portuguese Lower Intermediate (Year 2) Short Course

Key information

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Covid-19 update: The learning doesn't have to stop, join our online community. We will be delivering courses remotely until further notice. Live tutor support and virtual lessons will take place during advertised teaching hours. The classes are taught in small groups, so you'll get lots of support from your tutor. Book now.

Move beyond conversational basics with our Portuguese Lower Intermediate short course. The course comprises three modules set at progressive levels over one year.

Why choose this course?

Taught in Brazillian Portuguese, this language short course is perfect if you have some knowledge of Portuguese and would like to continue learning.

The Portuguese Lower Intermediate (Year 2) course will enable you to communicate with more variation and fluency, so you feel confident in most everyday situations with Portuguese speakers. It aims to broaden understanding of the Portuguese culture and way of life. Challenging but rewarding, the Portuguese Lower Intermediate course is perfectly suited to those looking to improve their skills and knowledge.

The full course is made up of three 10-week modules – part 1, part 2 and part 3. Enrol on the full syllabus (parts 1-3) to gain a complete knowledge of lower intermediate Portuguese at the best price. Our teaching takes place one evening a week, ideal for those with various commitments or working full-time.

Our language short courses are taught by qualified native speakers and delivered at City, University of London’s main campus, in the heart of the capital.

Course overview

You will build on and advance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and cover the main points of Portuguese grammar. Communication skills are further enhanced, e.g. dealing with real-life scenarios such as discussing ailments, family and leisure; and you will gain an introduction to work-related situations and further aspects of the culture and way of life.

Is it the right level for me?

The Portuguese Lower Intermediate is ideal if you have completed the Portuguese Beginners course or have a good beginners knowledge of Portuguese. You can check your level using our online guidelines.

The course is taught at progressive levels, starting with part 1 in October. We only advise joining part 2 or part 3 if you are already familiar with the content from earlier modules (see the What will I learn? section below for module content).

What will I learn?

What will I learn?

Part 1

Topics Covered

  • Work environment;
  • Family;
  • Celebrations;
  • Immigration;
  • Cultural differences.

Grammatical Structure

  • Pretérito Imperfeito;
  • Futuro do Presente;
  • Pretérito mais que perfeito;
  • Futuro do Pretérito;
  • Verbs por, vir, vestir, trazer,saber dizer.;

Learning objectives

  • Express an opinion;
  • Agree with someone;
  • Confirm;
  • Define;
  • Describe something;
  • Offer help
  • Demonstrate desire and worry;
  • Give advice.

Part 2

Topics Covered

  • Tourism;
  • Pollution;
  • Ecology;
  • Nature;
  • Regions of Brazil;
  • Brazilian stereotypes;
  • Influences in Brazilian Culture;
  • Traditions.

Grammatical Structure

  • Pretérito Perfeito Composto;
  • Voz passiva com ser;
  • Voz passiva com se;
  • Particípios duplos;
  • Pronomes indefinidos;
  • Advérbios;
  • Dupla negação.

Learning objectives

  • Express preferences;
  • Certainty and uncertainty;
  • Express hope;
  • Express need to give advice;
  • Descriptions.

Part 3

Topics Covered

  • School and university;
  • Profession and careers;
  • The weather;
  • The climate;
  • Landscapes;
  • Activities.

Grammatical Structure

  • Presente do Subjuntivo regular and irregular forms with verbs that demonstrate desire, doubt and feelings;
  • Demonstrative pronouns and adverbs of place;
  • Impersonal expressions.

Learning objectives

  • Express desire, doubts and feelings;
  • Say exactly where something is;
  • Express pleasure, need and preferences;
  • Invite and organise.



Prerequisite knowledge

The Portuguese Lower Intermediate short course is ideal if you have either:

  • successfully completed the  Portuguese Beginners (Year 1) short course
  • approximately 40-60 hours of prior formal study
  • a rusty (but good) Portuguese GCSE

You should be able to carry out an elementary conversation; talk about yourself (your nationality, where you work, where you live etc.); be able to talk about your daily activities and your hobbies; order in a café; describe a place and give directions; say what you like or dislike

You should also have good knowledge of present regular and irregular verbs, prepositions, possessive pronouns and common adverbs of frequency; have some notions of the past tense, the 'near past' (I've just…) and future tenses (I am going to/I will).

English requirements

Applicants must be proficient in written and spoken English.

Teaching & assessment

Teaching & assessment

Teaching will focus on the four skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Informal assessment will be carried out continuously throughout the course with summative test towards the end of each term.

Recommended reading

Recommended reading

    Novo Avenida Brasil 2, Emma Eberlein O.F. Lima,E.P.U (ISBN:978-55-12-54570-7).

    Students are advised to purchase their own copy of the book, available from most major bookshops.

Tutor information

  • Joyce Vinocur

    Joyce Vinocur has a BA in Literature and Translation (Mackenzie, Brasil, 1999) and a CELTA teacher qualification (City and Islington, 2005). She has taught both English and Portuguese in various institutions in London such as City and Islington, Rainbow Language in Business and at City, University of London since April 2007.

    She has eight years' experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language including preparing diplomats for their roles in Brazil and Africa, and with law firms such as Linklaters and Clifford Chance. She has also experience of group tuition as an ESOL tutor.

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