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Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) CPD

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Course overview

The City Law School has partnered with QLTS Advantage to provide an online training course to prepare lawyers for the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) assessments administered by Kaplan UK. The scheme, implemented by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, gives lawyers from other jurisdictions the opportunity to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales without having to complete domestic training. The scheme also offers Solicitors with the skills and credentials to operate in 48 countries and 6 continents.

We prepare students for the QLTS assessments by providing blended-courses consisting of self-paced online training and Live Tuition Weekends conducted by City Law School lecturers who are currently teaching City's LPC course.

The QLTS exam will be replaced by the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) in late 2021, which will come with various new challenges for delegates, such as a 2-year Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) requirement. There are only 4 MCT administrations and 3 OSCE administrations remaining before the transition to the new route. Delegates who pass the MCT by 2021 the latest, will be 'grandfathered' into the QLTS route which means they will have an option to sit two more OSCE exams after 2021 (in 2022) OR take the new SQE II, which is very similar to the current QLTS OSCE. By choosing the QLTS route, you won't have to satisfy the 2-year work experience requirement.

See the QLTS FAQ for more info.

MCT+ Course

Our MCT training features easy to use electronic modules designed to master the 11 substantive areas of law, introductory lectures for each subject tested, and more than 1500 interactive multiple-choice questions designed to reinforce your learning.

All enrolments include Live Tuition Weekends – four full days of face-to-face tuition – where students sit a full mock exam in an actual simulated exam environment.


  • 11 PRINTABLE PDF Manuals covering Day One Outcomes (also available online with annotation tools)
  • 1500+ MOCK/REINFORCEMENT questions with guidance
  • Introductory LECTURES for each subject area tested
  • Unlimited TUTOR Support
  • All-inclusive programme – no need to purchase additional study materials
  • Free, unlimited access to LEXIS LIBRARY
  • Personal Mentoring and personalized study plan
  • MCT+ LIVE TUITION Weekends
    • 13-14 & 20-21 June 2020, 9am-5pm - preparation for the 8 July 2020 MCT sitting
    • Master the 140 principles tested on the MCT
    • Discover the 'Logic of the Exam'
    • Sit a FULL mock exam under actual testing conditions
    • Review Updates in force at the time of the assessment - eg. CRA 2015

Double your Live Study: Delegates who sign up now can attend TWO full rounds of MCT Live Tuition at no extra cost, to ensure passing the exam before the SQE comes into effect. (By skipping the next exam but attending the Live Classes in preparation for that exam, and then attending a second round just before the sitting.) That’s 8 full days and 64 hours of Live Tuition.

See the full MCT+ Course here

OSCE+ Course

Our course for the OSCE I and II assessments features a unique side-by-side system providing seamless navigation between Test Scenario and Guidance, as well as more than 150 mock exam scenarios in research, writing, drafting, interviewing, and advocacy. The training is designed so that these stations are performed exactly as they would be on the day of the exam. Our multimedia library features a multitude of video demos showing interviewing and advocacy styles/techniques and introduction lectures by City tutors on all aspects of the test.

OSCE+ enrolment includes Live Tuition Weekends – four full days of face-to-face tuition – where all 18 stations of an OSCE exam are performed, with immediate feedback from City professors.


  • 7 PRINTABLE PDF Foundations manuals covering the Black Letter Law for all subject areas (also available online with annotation tools)
  • Introductory LECTURES for each subject areas tested
  • Electronic modules with general preparation for the assessment, test-taking strategies, and skills instruction
  • 52+ MOCK Client Interviews and Advocacy Exercises
  • 120+ PRACTICE SCENARIOS in Writing, Drafting and Research (all with video guidance)
  • Unlimited TUTOR support
  • Free access to LEXIS LIBRARY
  • All-inclusive programme – no need to purchase additional study materials
  • Personal Mentoring and personalized study plan
    • 04-05 & 18-19 April 2020, 9am-5pm - preparation for the May 2020 OSCE sitting
    • One full day devoted to each legal skill assessed: Writing, Drafting, Research
    • Final exam tips for OSCE Parts I & II on format and presentation
    • Lectures to emphasize key areas of Day One Outcome C / D / F
    • Role-playing exercises for Interviewing / Advocacy Skills
    • Tutor-guided review of a COMPLETE assessment
    • Role-playing exercises for Interviewing / Advocacy Skills

See the full OSCE+ Course here


  • Live Tuition Weekends will be held at the City Law School at Gray's Inn campus
  • All course fees are charged in USD (No VAT). GBP prices are approximate, as rates can fluctuate.
  • Enrolment is not linked to any specific Live Tuition or exam dates. Enrollees may access all training materials, tutor support, and attend as many sessions as needed until successful completion of the exam.

For more information please visit QLTS Advantage, send us an email or call us at +44 (0) 203 287 3990