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Intermediaries in the Family Court CPD

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Course overview

This CPD course is an introduction for intermediaries to working in the family courts. Participants will learn about the matters in issue in family law cases, the legal framework, potential outcomes and how to work in the role of the intermediary in the family court process.

We will provide the background legal and practical information you need, to be able to work effectively in the family court. We will also discuss what we do in practice in the family courts, how we work with the vulnerable and measures that we can recommend to ensure their meaningful participation. Our aim is that participants will have enough information to be able to work competently and confidently in the family court setting.

We will consider:

  • The key differences for intermediaries when you move from working in the criminal courts to the family courts
  • A step by step review of the entire intermediary process from referral to the end of your intermediary work: assessment, report writing, interim hearings, ‘special measures,’ memory refresh practicalities, the hearing itself and what may happen after the hearing.
  • Family law basics: what you need to understand to be able to support your vulnerable person and the Family Procedure Rules and Directions governing intermediaries and special measures.

Participants will learn about the family court, the issues the court considers, the language the court uses and similarities and differences to working in the criminal courts.

We will review and explain the structure of a case from application to the court, to the Judge’s decision and how an Intermediary works with a vulnerable person once we are brought in to assist communication. We will consider the measures that an Intermediary can recommend in order to facilitate communication and where these measures are referred to in the Family Law Rules and Practice Directions.

We will also spend some time on group work, sharing strategies for supporting communication in practice throughout a hearing (as opposed to when the person gives evidence only) both inside and away from the court.

Finally, we will discuss how to become involved in the work (from point of referral on), who to invoice and the practical considerations for the Intermediary in the context of family court work.

The City Law School and the School of Health Sciences will deliver this CPD course in conjunction with Intermediaries for Justice (IfJ). This course is for IfJ members only and will be delivered by 'Nicola Lewis' and 'Amy Harrison'. The course will be interactive and delegates will be divided into small groups to work in.

For further information on IfJ and how to become a member, please visit IfJ's website.