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Tips for Clearing

You are making an important choice about where you will spend the next few years of your life. So take a deep breath and follow our top tips to making the most out of Clearing.

1. Stay calm

First of all, keep a cool, clear mind and don't rush your decision. Clearing and Adjustment for UK students starts on A-level results day and is an opportunity to help you find a place if you have not achieved the results you were expecting.

2. Do your research

Look into the various universities and institutions that you're interested in and make a short-list. Think about where you want to study, the reputation and ranking of the institution, what kind of benefits it offers, and how well the course will prepare you for your future career. It will help if you are clear about the course you want to take and why you think it will suit you.

Find out about studying at City and our students' experiences

3. Get support from friends and family

If possible, get help from the people around you. Ask them to help with your research, give feedback on your short-list and help you stay calm and focus on your goal: getting into the place to study that's right for you.

4. Contact us

If you are interested in studying at City, check our available courses and apply through our Clearing web form.

5. Make your final decision

Once you have received a formal UCAS Clearing offer you will not be able to follow up any other Clearing offers or conversations you may have had with other institutions. So before you accept, make sure you're happy with the decision you're about to make.

The earliest you can submit your decision through Clearing is 3pm on A-level results day. This is to allow applicants to research their course and institutions properly before making a decision.

6. Use UCAS

The UCAS website provides a wealth of information detailing how you should go about applying for a place to study using their Clearing services. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of all this information - especially the video section; this is easy to understand information for students, parents & guardians and advisors.

You've applied through Clearing - what are the next steps?

  • You should receive a decision on your interest in City either upon completion of the Clearing web form or after we have contacted you for further information.
  • You will receive an automated email confirming the details of our decision.
  • If you have applied for courses including Nursing, Radiography and Speech and Language Therapy you will be required to go through a further selection process before an offer can be made to you. This will be communicated to you via email once you have applied to study with us.
  • If you have been made an offer, please check the details specified in this email are correct. Your offer has been made to you only on the basis of that information being correct.
  • If you are made an offer and would like to accept your place, you will need to submit yourself through UCAS after 3pm on A-level results day. All offer-holders will have 24 hours to submit their application to us.
  • When you have submitted your application, if you match our database of offer-holders we will accept you on UCAS and this should be reflected in your UCAS Track Account.
  • When all of this has been confirmed, you should then receive all the information we feel you need to know about joining City; this will include details on accommodation, finance, term dates and much more.
  • You will then start your studies in September.

Further advice

Read more hints and tips from the City community on how to approach the Clearing process.

  • Clearing can be a stressful time, so understanding what can cause anxiety and finding ways to reduce it can be very important. Dr Trudi Edginton, Deputy Director of Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at City, explains how to beat stress and think clearly.
  • Need more handy tips on what to do on A-level results day? Read The City Scoop's guide on how to survive Clearing on Medium.

Other Clearing information

Join us at City through Clearing and Adjustment.

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