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Applying to a different course and/or university

Applying to a different institution or university

You may have come across our Clearing spaces through the UCAS Search tool or our website and are now interested in attending City, University of London.

If you are interested in applying for one of our course places, but we are a different institution to the university you originally applied for, do not worry because you can still apply.

The process of applying to City Clearing places, despite originally applying elsewhere, is fairly simple. You can find out more below on how to apply to our courses published on our Clearing list.

How do you apply to a different institution or university?

Once you have received your results you should start by contacting us on our Clearing Hotline number. You can find it on our Clearing page. Alternatively, if you want to contact us before results day to find out more information on applying to us, then you can complete our Clearing enquiry form.

During the call we will ask you a few questions regarding your subjects, your grades, why you want to apply to us and any other questions. We may then offer you a place.

If you are offered a place on the course, you should then add it to your UCAS Track application and we will accept your application. This is both us and you formally accepting the application.

You will then receive a confirmation email within the following weeks.

The telephone call is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask us some questions about City and our location and, if you want to see our campus, arrange a visit.

Applying for a different course

During your Clearing research, you may also come across a different course to the one you originally applied for. Again, this does not impact your application to City, University of London or your chosen degree.

The course may be more interesting or appealing to you, but before you call the Clearing Hotline to apply for it you should research the course to find information on what it is like, what can you do with if once you’ve graduated and so on.

You will also have to check the entry requirements to find out if you studied the necessary subjects at school or college.

How do you apply for a different course?

Again, this is a simple process. All you have to do is follow the same process that we mentioned above.

When applying for one of our remaining course spaces, you have to consider that your original personal statement will be accessed and read by the relevant School or department, so it is important that the course you’re interested in relates back to your personal statement.

We suggest that the different course should be somewhat similar to the original course you applied for or be prepared to discuss your change in decision.

However, if you are wanting to apply to a totally different course then you should contact us in advance to see if we would be willing to receive a revised personal statement which relates to the course.

If the School or department accepts this, then you should ask them for the email on where to send your updated personal statement and what the due date for submission is. Then you will have to wait to hear back from us.

Other Clearing information

Join us at City through Clearing and Adjustment.

If you find yourself in Clearing don’t panic. Head of Admissions, Dominic Davis, takes you through the steps you need to take to apply via Clearing.