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How does Clearing work?

What is it?

Clearing is a process in which prospective students can apply and get a place on a degree course if they have failed to meet the conditions of their firm/insurance offers, applied late to UCAS or failed to receive any offers during the initial application period.

If you receive better grades than expected then this process is called Adjustment and we will also be happy to help you with your Adjustment application process.

If you satisfy any of the reasons for being eligible (learn more about Clearing eligibility), then you should begin to research for City, University of London Clearing vacancies and talk to teachers, head of sixth form/college and/or advisors at your school.

We will provide a list of courses in Clearing in August. As soon as you know you are in Clearing, then please contact us once you have found your chosen course.

When is it?

Clearing officially begins on 1st July but is most used around 'A' Level results day.

We will provide a list of courses available to Clearing applications on 'A' Level results day. It is a good idea to start researching and looking at different potential course options at City using our course finder.

The Clearing process

Clearing often seems like a daunting and long process, but it is in fact the total opposite. If you have done your research, then the Clearing process will be straightforward and we have a dedicated team to help and support you.

Before results day:

Be prepared and have a plan B

Do some research and use our course finder to find courses that you may be interested in.

This will be useful for when results day comes around and you have to go through Clearing. Perhaps rank them in order of priority because not all courses will be in Clearing.

On results day:

Check your UCAS Track application status

If you have entered into Clearing, then your UCAS application will be updated and will either say that 'you are in Clearing' or 'Clearing has started'.

However, the status may not be updated because your original university choices (firm and insurance) are still deciding if they should accept you or not. If this is the case, then you might want to contact them to find out if you’ll be heading to them in September.

Call us as soon as possible

If there is a course that you know is likely to be in high demand, then you should call us straight away to better your chances of being offered a place. We cannot guarantee a course at City will be in Clearing but being quick gives you the best opportunity to secure any available spaces.

You should also have the relevant contact details on hand, including our Clearing Hotline number. This will ease the application process because you will be well prepared.

It should be noted that the call between you and us will most likely be similar to an interview as we will want to help you make the right choice.

You should also take this as an opportunity for you to find out about the course and City, University of London.

Being offered a place

You can only add a Clearing choice through UCAS from 3pm on the afternoon of Thursday 15th August 2019. You will not be able to register a Clearing choice before then.

However, please call us as early as possible so we can discuss your options with you. If we have offered you a place, you should then log on to your UCAS account after 3pm and click the button ‘Add Clearing choice’.

This will allow you to add the course and institution information to your application and it is then sent to us.

We should then accept the application and your UCAS status will be updated to say that you have been accepted. Now all you have to do is wait for our confirmation letter.

Clearing advice

Be patient

You should remember that there will be plenty of other people across the UK who will be applying through Clearing.

Therefore, our Clearing hotline will be busy and you will most likely have to wait in a telephone queue. However, you shouldn’t hang up, instead, remain patient and you will eventually get through.

Don't go on holiday

This is a very important time in your life, and if you are in Clearing then it is better to be at home rather than on holiday.

You will have easy access to any help offered by your school/sixth form college and you will have reliable Internet and phone connection. You will also be easier to contact if you are at home.

Be prepared

You should prepare for the possibility that you might be in Clearing, so check out our Clearing vacancies in the Telegraph newspaper, UCAS Search tool or on our website. This will reduce the stress of searching for vacancies on results day, when you could actually be contacting universities instead.

Be flexible and open-minded

It is good to be flexible because you may not be able to pick an exact match to your intended course. Although it might not be what you wanted, if you really want to attend university this year then keep an open mind.

Clearing search

Other Clearing information

Join us at City through Clearing and Adjustment.

If you find yourself in Clearing don’t panic. Head of Admissions, Dominic Davis, takes you through the steps you need to take to apply via Clearing.