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  1. JACS Codes
Student administration

JACS Codes

JACS (Joint Academic Coding of Subjects) is the system used by UK institutions including the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), the Home Office, HEFCE and HESA to identify the subject matter of programmes and modules.

It is also the basis of the UCAS course coding system.

JACS codes do not indicate the level of study: the same codes may be used for undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes, and also Continuing Education modules.

Codes are formed from a letter and three digits. The letter indicates the subject area, and the numbers the topics within the main subject. For example, H represents Engineering, H100 is General Engineering, H200 is Civil Engineering, and so on. The code letter H may be used to cover all engineering topics. Codes consisting of one letter and one number can be used for grouped subjects: H2 covers all Civil Engineering, H3 all Mechanical Engineering etc.