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Student administration

In-Person Re-Registration

What is In-Person Re-Registration?

In-Person Re-Registration is a process for students who are non EEA nationals.

Who needs to attend In-Person Re-Registration?

Students who are have a Non EEA nationality without indefinite leave to remain.

When and where is In-Person Re-registration?

In-Person Re-registration takes place between 2nd October and 6th October in the Northampton Suite, University Building, Northampton Square. In-person Re-registration in the Northampton Suite closes on Friday, 6th October so if you are not able to re-register by this date you should go to the Student Centre to complete re-registration from Monday 9th October. You must complete the re-registration process within 2 weeks of the start of term.

Please note: Some programmes that start earlier in the academic year are re-registering outside the main re-registration week. Students on these programmes will be advised by their School if this is the case.

What do you need to bring?

  • Your passport
  • Your visa or Biometric Residence Card or letter from Home Office confirming a visa application

What happens at In-Person Re-Registration?

We will check your passport and visa details are up-to-date and correct and verify that we have checked these in-person.

What happens if you don't complete In-Person Re-Registration?

If you do not re-register within three weeks of the start of the course, your IT access will be withdrawn and you may be de-registered from City. If you think you may be late and need to arrange for late In-Person Re-Registration, please contact your School Office.

If you have any questions regarding Re-Registration, please contact the Student Records team at

Why have City, University of London introduced In-Person Re-Registration?

The Home Office requires that we regularly check that all students who are from non-EEA countries, or do not have indefinite leave to remain, have valid permission to study at City.