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Student administration

In-Person Registration

Once you have completed online registration you will need to attend an in-person registration session at City before you can be fully enrolled as a student of City, University of London. You must complete online registration before you can register in person.

What do you need to bring?

  • Registration Certificate. Save this to your phone or tablet when it is presented to you after finishing online registration, you can also print this if you like. Alternatively, keep the confirmation of completion email that will also be sent to you. We will need to see one of these two.
  • An original document to confirm your identity - You should bring either your passport or European Union Identity Card. If you do not hold either of these documents or they expired more than three months ago, please see this list of other acceptable documents.
  • Original copy of visa or Biometric Residence Card or letter from Home Office confirming visa application if you are a Non-EEA national.

What happens at In-Person Registration?

We will check your registration certificate and confirm your identity, nationality and your eligibility to study in the UK for the duration of your course. If you are a Non-EEA student and require a Tier 4 or other visa, City is required to retain a copy of your passport and visa in order to confirm your eligibility to study in the UK. Once we have confirmed your identity we will issue you with an ID card and you will be a fully enrolled student at City, University of London.

What happens if you don't register In-Person?

If you do not register within 3 weeks of the start of the course, your IT access will be withdrawn and you may be de-registered from City. If you think you may be late and need to arrange for late In-Person Registration, please email

If you have any questions regarding registration, please email the Registration team at

When is In-Person Registration?

During the main registration and induction period at the start of the academic year in September, in-person registration follows a structured timetable, and the times for your course are included in your induction timetable. View your induction timetable.

For courses that start outside this period, your in-person registration session will be arranged for you, and your Course Officer will let you know what those arrangements are.