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Student administration


General Online Registration

What is Online Registration?

Online Registration is a service which allows you to register, amend your details and pay your fees all online through a series of simple screens.

I haven't completed Online Registration yet. Can I still register in person?

Although you can check and amend your course and personal details, as well as pay your fees online, you are required to confirm your identity in-person in order to complete your enrolment. You must complete online registration before you attend an in-person registration session where your identity will be checked (official photo identity is required) and your City ID card issued.

What if I don't register in-person?

Failure to register in-person within three weeks of the start of your programme will lead to your IT account being suspended and will lead to your eventual de-registration from City.

When/where do I collect my ID card?

You will be issued with your ID card upon presentation of your Registration Certificate at in-person registration. Your in-person registration session will be scheduled for a specific date and time by your School, and they will notify you of when and where this is going to be. It is important that you attend your scheduled session as this enables the Registration team to manage the flow of new students arriving each day throughout the registration period.

I am a Tier 4 student, can I attend in-person registration if my Biometric Residence Permit isn’t ready?

We will not be able to register students without their BRP so in order to avoid excessive queuing times we request that students do not attend in-person registration until they have either received an email from City confirming that their BRP is ready for collection or they have collected their BRP from a Post Office. If you are having problems collecting your BRP from a Post Office, please contact Visa Compliance Team at immediately.

Financial FAQs

I have applied for a Career Development Loan from my bank - Has it been paid to City yet?

Career Development Loan payments are only paid to City, University of London once you have registered for your course. In order to be able to complete your Online Registration without making a payment upfront, please forward a copy of your Career Development Loan approval letter to We will then process your form and let you know that you can log in and complete your registration.

I have applied for a Student Loan with my Local Education Authority? The Online Registration system doesn't show a record of it when I try to pay my fees. What should I do?

Please click on the Amend Loan button and enter the amount of tuition fee loan you have applied for. If you are having any difficulties please contact Student Records on +44 (0)20 7040 8321 or email

The Student Loan details that the system shows are different to what I was expecting - What do I do now?

Please click on the Amend Loan button and enter the amount of tuition fee loan that you have applied for. If you are having any difficulties please contact Student Records at tel: +44 (0)20 7040 8321 or email

I posted a bank draft/cheque to City.

If this has already been received by City it will be reflected under 'Deposit and paid already' section. If it is not reflected please allow a few days for the payment to arrive at our bank and then login again.

My employer has not confirmed whether or not they are sponsoring me yet

You can pay the fees yourself and be refunded later if your employer agrees to pay.

I have not applied for my Student Loan yet

You can pay the fees yourself and be refunded later if your tuition fee loan is accepted.

Login Issues

Can I change my login ID or password?

Your login ID is system-generated and cannot be amended, however you may change your password after you have created it by visiting

I've forgotten my password - what do I do now?

Please visit

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