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Student administration

Harassment Advisers

This scheme is linked to the City's Student Bullying and Harassment Policy.

The Harassment Advisers are a group of staff volunteers trained to provide advice and support to both students and staff who perceive they are being subjected to harassment and bullying.

Harassment Advisers will not make any decisions for the student themselves, nor take up the role of investigator. However, they will help explore and discuss the options open to the student in order to help them determine whether and how they would like to progress matters.

Harassment Advisers are not intended to take the place of professional counsellors. If Counselling is needed, students should make an appointment to seek advice from the Counselling and Mental Health Service, or one of the other support services available to students outlined in the section on City support.

Below is the list of staff members carrying out this role for students:

NameSchool / DepartmentContact Details
Rosa BenatoSchool of Health Sciences020 7040 5436
Jasmeet BhurjiThe City Law School020 7040 0305
Martin ChiversSchool of Arts and Social Sciences020 7040 8097
Philip PrescottSchool of Arts and Social Sciences020 7040 8583
Matthew ReadSchool of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering020 7040 8746
Emma RichardsStudent & Academic Services020 7040 3390
Shereen SallyStudent and Academic Services,
Professional Services
020 7040 8971
Midge Seymour-RootsStudent Counselling and Mental Health Service,
Learning Enhancement and Development,
Professional Services
020 7040 4093
Yan ShiqiangSchool of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering020 7040 3330
Eugenia XenofontosThe City Law School020 7040 0378

If you would like to request the services of a Harassment Adviser, please complete the web request form below to discuss your issue.

Request support from a Harassment Adviser:

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