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Student administration

Student Appeals

Occasionally things might go wrong or you will experience circumstances outside your control which impact on your academic assessment, award or progression. City has a number of support mechanisms in place to ensure these are dealt with as quickly as possible and you should make use of these at the earliest possible opportunity (see the Student Centre website for more information). The appeals process is intended for the very rare cases where no resolution or remedy was possible at an earlier stage (i.e. prior to the Assessment Board approving the results of taught students or a decision being made regarding the registration status or examination results of research students).

You can get a quick overview of the appeals procedure by referring to the appeals flow charts for taught programmes and research programmes.

If you decide that you want to submit an appeal you will find the forms and accompanying guidance on the Academic Services Student Appeals page. It is recommended that you look through the supporting guidance below before you start to prepare your appeal:

Before you appeal

Before considering an appeal make sure that you have sought advice and guidance about your concerns. It may be that there are quick steps that can be taken to resolve your problem or that the appeals process is not the best way forward. For example, if you are worried that there is an error in the calculation of your marks you can request a marks check and, if there is an error, this can be remedied without the need for an appeal. Check in your Programme or Course Handbook who the sources of advice and guidance are in your School/ Validated Institution. Your Programme Director, Personal Tutor and Programme Administrator will be able to advise you and the Union Advice Service is an excellent source of independent guidance and support about problems in general, as well as about appeals. City's Student Centre offers a range of help and support services to all students.

Case Studies and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The case studies and appeals FAQs have been prepared to assist you in understanding the appeals process and avoiding commonly made mistakes which can delay the process or mean that your submission is not accepted.