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Student administration

Religious Observance

There may be times during the academic year when the observance of your faith requires you to be absent from the University at specific dates/times. This may conflict with the dates and times of examinations and/or other forms of summative module assessment. In cases such as these, the University will, wherever practicable, make alternative arrangements for you to complete the assessment or sit the examination. You must apply for special arrangements to be made in these circumstances. 

Application Procedure

If you need to make a request for alternative assessment arrangements on the grounds of religious observance, you should do so as soon as you become aware that your exam(s) or other assessment will be affected by your religious observance needs. Ideally this should be at least 4 weeks before the date of your exam.

You should:

  • Download a Religious Observance Special Arrangements RE1 Form.
  • Complete the form and send it with the required supporting letter from your faith leader to either the Exams Office (if the request relates to exams) or your Course Office, if your request relates to non-examined assessment.
  • You should complete the form electronically in either case.

If you have previously supplied the supporting letter from your faith leader to the Exams Office or your Course Office, you will not have to send it again. However you will need to send a new copy of the form for each exam period or module assessment which will be affected. The Exams Office or your Course Office (whichever is applicable) will try to accommodate your requirements, wherever possible. You will be contacted directly to let you know what they will be.

In the case of examinations, you will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and you will sit your exam along with other students for whom special arrangements have been made.


In 2017 Ramadan takes place during the examination period. We want to support students who will be fasting, so we have ensured that there will be no evening examinations during the main May-June examination periods. We have also found some useful information on eating and staying well during Ramadan. Firstly there is the Ramadan Health Guide produced by Communities in Action and an advice guide produced by the NHS Choices. The City Chaplaincy team is also available for any questions you might have.

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