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Student administration

Registered SA Students

If you already have special arrangements approved by the Learning Success team, these will continue until you graduate or unless your circumstances or condition changes. The Examination Office team will continue to make any required special arrangements unless the Learning Success team notifies us of any changes.

Where are my exams?

  • SA students sit their exams in a different room to the main group.
  • The SA rooms seat students with a variety of exam arrangements.
  • All SA rooms are wheelchair accessible and close to toilets.

How do Yellow Stickers work?

  • Some assessed students are allocated yellow stickers by the Learning Success team which ask the marker (s) to make sympathetic allowances for spelling and expression.
  • If you have been allocated Yellow Stickers, you must make sure you bring them with you to your exams as the Exams Office does not have supplies of them.
  • At the start of each exam, an invigilators will explain to you how to attach the stickers to your answer books.

How does Rest Break Time (RBT) work?

  • RBT can be used to take rest breaks from writing your exam.
  • However during a RBT you cannot write or communicate with anyone.
  • If you want to take a rest break, let an invigilator when you’d like to start you break.
  • When you are ready to re-commence, you should let you invigilator know.
  • You can only take a RBT in your exam venue.
  • The amount of RBT you are allowed will be displayed at the front of the room next to your desk number.

How can I change my arrangements?

If you would like to amend your arrangements please contact Learning Success at the Student Centre to make an appointment. Remember to request any changes allow at least a month before your exams to make sure they are amended in time.