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Exam timetables

Publishing of Examination Timetables

Exam Timetable August 2018 (published on Wednesday, 8th August at 10:30am)

The examination timetable is subject to change to ensure the best examination experience. Please make sure you check the timetable carefully and regularly before your examination(s).

All candidates with extra provisions who we are expecting to sit exams this period have been contacted notifying them of their arrangements. If you have not received this information and are expecting to take exams with special arrangements in this period please contact as soon as possible. If you an unsure if you are due to take any exams please contact your Course Office.

Examinations can be held both on and off campus so we strongly advise you to familiarise yourself with all possible venues well in advance of your examinations. You will not be allowed extra time is you arrive late for this reason.

Split Examinations

Split exam timetable (published on 3rd August 2018).

Some examinations take place in more than one examination venue at the same time. This is referred to as a SPLIT venue in the examination timetable and is sometimes necessary when there are high numbers of students sitting an examination. The split is usually done by student surnames. For example, one exam room might be for students with surnames A-M and another room for students with surnames N-Z.

Examination Clashes

If you discover that you have two examinations on the same day, please inform your department as soon as possible. They will liaise with the Examinations Office who will contact you before the start of the exams to confirm what arrangements put in place for you.

Special Exam Arrangements

Special Arrangements are available for any student who has registered with Learning Success. These arrangements are mainly for dyslexic, disabled or injured students, as well as students with mental health issues. Please consult the Special Arrangements area of the exams website for more information.