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Student administration

Exam Offences

Failure to abide by the current Examination Instructions to City Students and Senate Regulation 11: Conduct of Examinations will constitute an examination offence and may be dealt with in accordance with Senate Regulation 19: Academic Misconduct. A candidate may be liable to disciplinary proceedings for irregular conduct relating to an examination including:

(i) consulting or having access to unauthorised material such as books, electronic devices, and notes during an examination unless their use is authorised for the particular examination;

(ii) aiding or attempting to aid another candidate during an examination;

(iii) obtaining or attempting to obtain aid from another candidate during an examination;

(iv) attempting to read the work of another candidate;

(v) the removal of examination stationary from the examination room (exam papers may only be removed if authorisation is given by the head invigilator);

(vi) indiscipline or causing a disturbance during an examination;

(vii) plagiarism;

(viii) impersonation;

(ix) any deed (verbal or physical) deemed inappropriate or considered as an examination offence by an invigilator.

More information is available in the Senate Regulation 11: Conduct of Examinations.