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Exam Anxiety Support

City, University of London's Counselling Service offers the following support to students affected by exam anxieties.

Exams - and preparing for exams - is stressful. Many students feel the pressure intensely and have difficulty working well and producing work that reflects their knowledge and abilities.

Discussing such situations, and the ways that you tend to respond to them, can make the whole process more manageable.

  • What are your fears and anxieties, in relation to exams, really about?
  • Why do you endlessly put off tasks until it's almost too late to do them?
  • What do 'passing' and 'failing' mean to you - and how well are you 'supposed' to do?
  • How do exams - and your responses to them - fit into the rest of your life?

We don't offer magic solutions. But talking around examination anxiety can help to put the problem into perspective, and give you an opportunity to remember all the resources that you have, for dealing with challenging tasks.

Exam Sessions are offered whenever students feel they are needed. You can come on your own, or with a group of fellow students who are also interested in addressing the problem.

To arrange a time, please contact Counselling Services on 020 7040 8094 or email or visit the Health Centre, Level 1, Drysdale Building, Northampton Square. Counselling Services is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Exam Stress-Busting Tips

You may also like to see the Exam Stress-Busting Tips, which contains general information on how to reduce exam stress.