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Join our volleyball club and contribute to our success.  If you are a competitive player, you can join our men's or women's team.  The women's team gained their second successive league promotion after being crowned Champions of BUCS South Eastern Division 2B. Other successes include becoming Runners-Up in BUCS South Eastern Conference Cup and achieving 8th place in Volleyball England's Student Cup.  This season, they will look to gain a third successive promotion in BUCS South Eastern Division 1A and win the Trophy Cup.  The men's team had their first season in BUCS where they finished third place in BUCS South Eastern Division 3A.  They will look to gain promotion for the first time and win the BUCS South Eastern Conference Cup.  If you are a social player, you can join our CityActive sessions. They take place every week and hundreds of students have played volleyball since the program started in 2013. See you on the court.

Get in touch

Email to learn more and to get in touch with the current club members.

Leagues and cups we play in

  • Our women’s team competes in a BUCS South Eastern tier 2 league and the BUCS South Eastern Conference Cup, and matches are on Wednesdays.
  • Our men's team will be entering a BUCS league for the first time in the 2016-17 season, and matches will be on Wednesdays.

Key achievements

  • TeamCity Team of the Year 2017.
  • Short-listed for TeamCity Inclusive Club of the Year 2016.
  • The women’s team finished 1st in BUCS South Eastern Division 3B with a win-loss record of 11-0 and only two sets lost.
  • The women’s team won the BUCS South Eastern Cup.
  • The mixed team finished 3rd in the LUSL Premier League with a win-loss record of 5-2.
  • The women’s team tied for 1st in the Volleyball England National Student Cup Qualifiers.