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Sport and Leisure


BASE Training

BASE Training - Chris

Balance, Agility, Speed and Endurance. This class includes resistance and cardiovascular exercises to enhance your co-ordination skills, strength, energy and flexibility to improve overall functionality. Putting the fun into Functional is what this class is all about.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp - Elvio

A class with maximum motivation and dynamism. This class will set you up with energy and great moves through a combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises - and no mud involved!

Box Fit

Box Fit - Elvio

A high intensity, fast paced, energetic class. Using pads and gloves, burn maximum calories in this workout using boxing drills and cardio routines to increase your overall fitness.

Dance Fit

Dance Fit- Omar

This class combines infectious rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create a high energy, calorie blasting, total body dance based workout. A great mix of Latin and international beats designed to tone your body from head to toe. 

Kung Fu

Kung Fu - Dave

Kung Fu is about development - physical, mental and spiritual. Whether you are a complete beginner or a passionate martial arts practitioner, you will be able to gain opportunities of getting fit quickly, meeting new people, and finding a source of discipline and motivation that can pave the path to success in studies and career.


LBT - Elvio

Burn fat and tone your body with a combination of cardio and strength-training using a variety of equipment like steps, hand weights and medicine balls, to get a strong and sleeker body.

Military Challenge

Military Challenge - Tom

This 30 minute session will increase your level of fitness and strength, whilst exercising in the fresh air and having fun. You don't have to be super-fit to take part. You just need to have a basic level of fitness and be willing to challenge yourself. FREE


Pilates - Elif

Create a balance between strength and flexibility. Improve your co-ordination, release stress and improve your posture. Pilates can help with injury prevention and postural re-alignment. Start your day with Pilates!

Pilates - Margareta

This class will develop your strength, flexibility and endurance while challenging your core. The combination of controlled breathing and co-ordinated movements will improve posture and muscular tone. (Advanced)

Power Hour

Power Hour - Chrissie

This 60-minute workout will burn fat and tone your body. With a blend of cardio and strength-training and utilising a variety of equipment like steps, body bars and medicine balls, results will progress towards a fitter and stronger self.

Run for change

Run for change - Dale

A great outdoor session offering you the chance to prepare for a future race or fun run. Find running partners to help you train and provide moral support. The class is open to beginners, veterans and everyone in-between! FREE


(Hatha) Yoga - Ash

This class comprises of diverse physical postures, energizing breathing techniques and concludes with a deeply relaxing and meditative sequence of movements. It is a slower-paced Yoga form which promotes strength and flexibility.

Yoga - Grace

A dynamic yoga class which synchronises controlled breathing (Pranayama) with a progressive series of postures (Asanas).With regular practice yoga improves flexibility, joint mobility and circulation as well as assisting in helping you to relax.

Yoga - Mary

A challenging class incorporating breathing and a progressive series of postures for a complete yoga experience. Sculpt a leaner, stronger body while releasing stress and fatigue.

Xtreme Spin

Xtreme Spin - Phil

This class will challenge your endurance and toughness. Xtreme Spin includes intervals of out-of-the-saddle climbs and sprints and aims to build up stamina. Beginners should speak with the staff before booking due to the advanced level.


Zumba - Samara

Put on your dancing shoes for this exhilarating, effective, easy to follow Latin inspired calorie-burning class. It's the perfect cardio workout. A dance class which uses elements of salsa, meringue and reggaeton.