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Submitting your application

This is the step-by-step process for submitting your funding application. This covers all the internal procedures and highlights some processes that funders require.

Step 1 - inform your School and City's Research Office that you intend to make an application

You should give as much warning as possible that you wish to make an application. This is especially important as increasingly applications have to go through peer review before they can be submitted.

Research Councils in particular are insisting that only the strongest applications should reach them. Each School is implementing processes for handling peer review and you should speak to the appropriate contact for your School to see what is required including any review of the proposal text.

Step 2 - complete the 'Application for Grant or Contract' (AGC) form

The AGC form is a checklist of questions to ensure that an application has been correctly approved and costed. The form needs to be submitted for approval together with other documentation as detailed on the form. Contact your School support staff to guide you through the process.

Step 3 - obtain School approval

The next step is for the School to approve the application by signing the AGC. You must provide the authorised approver with:

  1. The AGC form
  2. The FEC spreadsheet
  3. Print-outs from SiriusWeb where the application includes hiring staff

The authorised approvers in Schools are:

School Authorised approvers
Cass Paula Jarzabkowski, Marianne Lewis
SASS Miguel Mera, Chris Greer
SHS Chris Hull, Debra Salmon
SMCSE Panicos Kyriacou, Roger Crouch
Law Tawhida Ahmed, Carl Stychin

Step 4 - obtain City approval

  • Submit the signed AGC, FEC spreadsheet and SiriusWeb costing to the Research Grants & Contracts team in the City's Research Office at least FIVE working days before the application deadline.

If a tight deadline is unavoidable, please make sure that we have at least seen the costing beforehand.

We'll inform you by email once the AGC has been approved. Once approved, you can proceed with the application to the external funder.

Step 5 - submit your application

Some funders operate an electronic submission system which will require sign-off by City. Alternatively, the funder may require a paper form to be signed by a institution authority. The institution sign-off is normally handled by the Research Grants & Contracts team in City's Research Office.

Please note that we will not sign off until the internal approval process has been completed.

In some applications, letters of support from City are required by the funder. Such letters are normally signed by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise). These can be arranged by City's Research Office with five working days' notice.

Step 6 - prepare for requests for clarification or reviewers' comments

The application doesn't finish after the submission is made. The funder may come back to you for clarification or further information and set a time limit for you to respond. Make sure you reply punctually and professionally.

Research Councils may send you a copy of the anonymous reviewers' comments and give a date by which to respond. The 'PI Response' will be crucial and it could make or break an application. Take each point raised by the reviewers and address it in turn - don't try to play one reviewer off another: just because one reviewer agrees with you doesn't mean that another's criticism isn't valid. You may be annoyed or irritated by some comments but don't let your personal feelings interfere with your response. City's Research Office can assist in compiling the response and/or senior colleagues in your School will be able to help you take the best approach.

Step 7 - await the outcome

If you're successful, congratulations! Please look at 'Managing Projects' for further instructions. If not, City's Research Office can talk through the outcome with you and provide advice on alternative sources of funding. You may also find that grant-giving trusts and foundations only fund a proportion of a requested amount.