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Workflows in Worktribe

Instead of sending an email request to prepare a budget or a contract, academic staff should use the Worktribe research management system to create a project and, if applicable, request a contract.

Interaction with Research and Enterprise staff through Worktribe

The Worktribe approval process ensures all budgets are seen and validated by a member of the Research Support Services team.

Worktribe research management supports City’s agreed approval processes noted in the new Research Costing Policy, and will clearly display the stage each project has reached.

Step one: create a project

Projects should be created even of no external funding is requested or no funding is needed. City needs to keep details of the project per se on file not just the contract.

Step two: enter project details

As a minimum a draft budget needs to be added. You need to enter details of items to be costed and staff resource needed in the budget section. Also add any PARTNER organisations and go through the check list under RISKS.

The system will notify the relevant staff in Research Support Services/ Business Development (Academic Enterprise) through portfolios that a project needs attention.  The relevant staff will then work with academic staff on the system to prepare the bid. Please see the list of portfolios.

Step three (optional): request a contract

Contact a contracts manager: Malik Miah or Stephanie Harris.

Further guidance

Once in the system the project will pass through several stages in its life cycle until its completion. Worktribe covers all internal approvals for bid submission, setting up an award, setting up a project on SAP, virements, extensions and supplements.

Throughout the project life cycle the COMMENT section in PROJECTS and CONTRACTS should be used to keep project related discussion within the system. This way information is available independently of certain staff members which his crucial to providing a continued service in case of absences, staff changes etc.

Pre-award workflow

For all applications that result in an award, there are six workflow stages starting at Bid Development, ending at Award Acceptance.

The workflow stage of your project is clearly identified in Worktribe (as below).

Bid development

To SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL all mandatory fields are required to be completed (including the checklist under RISKS).

Bid approval

There are multiple approvals required before applications can be submitted to the funder as listed below.

  • Research Support Services Manager (RSSM) or Business Development Manager (BDM) (Pre-award Admin)
  • Head of Department (SMCSE only)
  • Dean or Associate Dean Research (dependant on cost to City: if <£200k ADR, if >£200k Dean)
  • Head of Finance, Schools and Research (Only required if cost to City is >£10k)

Bid submission

Your application will show as BID SUBMISSION as it is now ready to be submitted to the funder. Upon submission of the application to the funder, your RSSM/BDM will select MARK AS SUBMITTED to show it has been submitted, this will then move to BID AWAITING RESPONSE.

Bid awaiting response

Upon response from the funder, your RSSM/BDM will update the application to Successful or Unsuccessful. If successful, the status will show as AWARD SETUP.

Award setup

Your awarded application is now in the on-award process, your RSSM/BDM will submit this for acceptance as the awarded funds or resource requirements may have changed since the submission of the initial application.

Award acceptance

There are two levels of approval:

  • Research Support Services Manager (RSSM) / Business Development Manager (BDM) (Pre-award Admin)
  • Head of Finance, Schools and Research (Finance Approvers)

Other status

If during the approval stages the RSSM/BDM, Dean/ADR, Head of Finance do not approve the application it will return to the ‘Bid Development’ stage, your application can now be amended and re-submitted.

Project set-up

Once an award has been accepted it moves to PROJECT SET-UP. At this stage the project switches from pre-award to post-award. The main support role on Worktribe from that stage onwards is post-award admin which is covered by the Research Finance team.

The Research Finance Manager will set up the project and provide the SAP internal order number if needed. Once this has been completed the project will become a live project.

Project live

Once a project is live, you will be able to see actual spend on your project (to be implemented later this year when a further guidance document for the post-award process will be available).

Any changes in the duration of the project, the budget or additional funding are notified to post-award admin through Worktribe. You can CREATE A VIREMENT or EXTEND the project. In both cases approval is given by post-award admin.

If you require a supplement to the original budget and need to request more funds from the funder you CREATE A SUPPLEMENT to draw up a budget for the supplement. Pre-award admin will take over support for budgeting. The workflow for SUPPLEMENT DEVELOPMENT/SUBMISSION and SUPPLEMENT ACCEPTANCE follows the same approval process as Bid Preparation/ submission and Award Set up/ acceptance.

Only Post-award admin can MARK a project as COMPLETE.