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Finding your way around Worktribe

Worktribe is a new Research Grants Management System at City, the information below will help you navigate the system menus. As Research and Enterprise become more experienced at using Worktribe more information will become available.

Menu definitions and guidance

The landing page HOME lists projects and contracts associated with the user, either created by the user or assigned to the user. The menu bar lists the available sections:

Menu nameDefinition

The two sections are linked and at City projects should always be set up before contracts are requested. and can be used independently of each other. Any projects and contracts listed in the HOME page can be accessed through these sections as well. The sections also contain search functions for projects, contracts and documents.
MILESTONES Is part of the post-award functionality and will only be available at a later stage. Users can record dates for reporting and assign alerts to specific users. Research Finance at present do not intend to use Milestones for their financial reporting alerts.       
EQUIPMENT Shows a list of research facilities entered under the ADMIN settings. It is not used for any other purpose.
REPORTS Contains a set of standard reports on data in the system. The reports are set by the provider and have only limited configuration options. An extensive SEARCH function allows the creation of costume-made reports. The SEARCH function can be accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines next to the search field at the top of the page.
ADMIN Is only seen by a few users with the right to change settings. All background data for the system (financial data, lists of funders and organisations, tags and lists) are changed via this section. For any requests or queries on the system settings please send a comment to the group Admin through the comments tab under project settings.
HELP Gives access to the HELP TOPICS but also a DOCUMENT REPOSITORY and general system specific ANNOUNCEMENTS, e.g. shut-down periods for system maintenance.
HELP TOPICS Lists City-specific user guidance on processes and use of the system.
DOCUMENT REPOSITORY Contains relevant City-wide policies relating to external funding for research and enterprise activities.

System permissions

Access to view and and edit projects

  • Principal Investigators and co-investigators are automatically given visibility and editing rights of their projects and contract requests;
  • Research Support Services and Business Development Managers can also view all project details but only edit project details pre-award and during supplement preparation. They will be able to view but not edit contracts. They can leave a comment in the Contract section;
  • Research Finance staff will be able to view all project details but only edit project details post-award. They will be able to view but not edit contracts;
  • Contracts Managers will be given Institutional Visibility to be able to see but not edit project information. Only Contract Managers will be able to edit;
  • Associate Deans Research, Deans, Heads of Departments and certain members of the University Executive, senior managers in the Research and Enterprise Office and the Finance Department will have Institutional Visibility which allows them to see but not edit all projects and contracts;

If you wish for project managers/ administrators, whose role covers support for externally funded projects, to have access you need to add them as OTHER EDITORS in PROJECT - DETAILS.

Access must be restricted to staff who need to have access to budgeting information as part of fulfilling their role.

It is not acceptable to add your researchers as Other Editors to assist you in filling in details unless it is an application for a research fellowship.

System notifications

The system is by default configured to send notifications by email as well as showing them in the system.

You can turn off notifications by email under your profile settings. 

Turning off notifications is only recommended for staff in the Research and Enterprise Office and Research Finance who will use the system as primary work tool.

Turning off notifications by email will require you to log into the system to know whether you are due to perform any actions!