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City Worktribe portfolios

Contacts listed under the Research and Enterprise Worktribe portfolios help with bid preparation (costing & pricing and proposal development) and provide general administrative support throughout the grant application and award process.

Worktribe portfolios

Contact Research and Enterprise

KTP KTP team Ian Gibbs
ERC Grants EC team Dilly Tawakkul,
Sean Rowlands
Enterprise Cass Cass BDM Clare Avery,
George Bilitsis
Enterprise Law CLS BDM Caroline Sipos
Enterprise SASS SASS BDM Caroline Sipos
Enterprise SHS SHS BDM Christina Gutierrez
Enterprise SMCSE SMCSE BDM Graham Dransfield
Commercial Research Cass Cass BDM
Cass RSS
Clare Avery, George Bilitsis
Daniel Fisher, Joe Sharples
Commercial Research CLS CLS BDM
Caroline Sipos
Sean Rowlands
Commercial Research SASS SASS BDM
Caroline Sipos
Clare Thornbury, Anna Tremain
Commercial Research SHS SHS BDM
Christina Gutierrez
Peter Ainsworth, Joe Sharples
Commercial Research SMCSE SMCSE BDM
Graham Dransfield
Talal Ous
Research SASS SASS RSS Clare Thornbury
Anna Tremain
Research Law CLS RSS Sean Rowlands
Research Cass Cass RSS Daniel Fisher
Joe Sharples
Research SHS SHS RSS Peter Ainsworth
Joe Sharples
Research SMCSE SMCSE RSS Peter Aggar
Talal Ous
LeAD SASS RSS Anna Tremain