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Research management by Worktribe

City's research management system, supplied by Worktribe supports the management of externally funded research and enterprise projects.

The purpose of Worktribe

At City, Worktribe is used for all externally funded research, consultancy projects, Enterprise / knowledge transfer related grants. From 2018/19 onward it will also be used for City pump prime applications.

System functionality

Worktribe functionality includes:

  • A record of project details and classification for future reporting
  • Budget costing at application stage with the ability to work with several scenarios and different stages of the project
  • Tracking of actual expenditure post-award
  • Inbuilt workflows to support approval of submission, award acceptance, request for budget virements, project extensions and supplements.
  • Email notifications (can be turned off for frequent users) when actions are taken on the system
  • A communication tool for exchanges between academic and support staff (preferred over email as it will allow the whole support team access)
  • Document repository for applications, award and systems documentation
  • Requesting contracts/ agreements to be done by Contract Managers and tracking progress

And, the ability to:

  • Set milestones for project or financial reporting
  • Record benefits of a project
  • Request peer review to be done (including tracking the peer review process)
  • Search the project database

All academic and research staff employed at City will be able to:

  • Create their own projects
  • Search their own projects
  • Set milestones
  • Request peer review
  • View actual spend and prepare draft budgets / budget scenarios with draft salary costings.

Accessing Worktribe

All functionality is restricted to staff employed at City. Honorary staff, visiting staff and PhD students are excluded as are all staff from outside City, University of London.

Access for academic and research staff

Staff details are loaded to the system via a feed from SAP HR. There is no need to request an account. The login details are the usual University network details.

Profesional services and other staff

A request for account set up needs to be made via IT Service Now. Once an account has been set up it can be accessed with the usual University network login details.

Maintenance of Worktribe

All background information is kept in the ADMIN section - only selected members of staff have access to this section.

Any requests or queries should be addressed to the group Admin, not your usual support staff, in the section COMMENT. The Schedule of Maintenance details responsibility for maintaining information.

The schedule is available under HELP TOPICS.