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These are forms related to City's Research Office. You will find further information and guidance in the separate pages for each activity.

Funding application approvalAcademic Consultancy
Grant managementPump-Priming Fund
Research ethicsPayment of open access costs
Staff Research Prize 

Funding application approval

There is a full explanation of the approval process for funding applications. If you are unsure of what to do, support staff in City's Office and Schools will be happy to help.

To obtain approval for a funding application you will need THREE sets of papers:

1. A completed Application for Grants and Contracts (AGC)

The AGC form is a checklist of questions to ensure that an application has been correctly approved and that we abide by the guidelines on charitable research set by the Charity's Commission. Once completed, you should sign it and submit it for School approval.

2. A completed FEC spreadsheet

Download the correct version of the FEC spreadsheet for your application.

Note: the spreadsheets are updated every February so always download the current version from this webpage. Please do not use old forms.

Research Councils and NIHRFor all applications to Research Councils UK and the NHS/NIHR, including applications for tender.
Charities and other non-commercial organisationsFor all applications to charities (including Royal Society, British Academy) and non-commercial funders, both in the UK and overseas (including non-FP7 tenders to the European Commission).
Commercial Funders (UK and overseas)For all funding requests to commercial funders, in the UK and overseas. An additional inflationary increment is included.
FEC for EC HorizonFor Horizon 2020 applications. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the indirect cost on the basis of 25% of direct cost.
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)For all KTP applications.

3. Print outs from SiriusWeb

You will need to provide a print-out of each salary costing from SiriusWeb.

Grant management

The institution's Timesheet for Research Projects is compulsory for all FP7 activity and all directly incurred staff (research, technical and clerical) employed part-time on research projects.

Please note that not only the time worked on the project but a full-time record has to be kept.

Research ethics

Research Ethics Approval Application Form (Word)
Adverse Events Form (Word)
Amendments/Extension Form (Word)

Academic Consultancy

Consultancy Approval Form (FEC): AGC form is required
Consultancy Approval Form (non-FEC): new form under development, please contact the City's Research Office in the meantime (see contact box above)
Private Consultancy Approval Form (Word)

Pump-Priming Fund

Application form (Word)

Payment of Open Access costs

Approval form for payment of Open Access costs (Word)

Staff Research Prize

Application Form (Word)