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Outcomes and appeals

Once your application form has been reviewed by one of City’s research ethics committees, you will be notified of the outcome of the review. Any requests for amendments or clarifications will be outlined in the correspondence from the research ethics committee.

Application outcome decisions

Possible application outcome decisions are as follows:

Approved as submitted

The research ethics committee is content that the study does not raise any ethical issues and no amendments to the application or the recruitment documents are required.

Approved with conditions

The research ethics committee is content that the study does not raise any ethical issues and the application is approved subject to some minor specified conditions/changes to the application (e.g. the wording of a section of the PIS).

No resubmission is required and the Committee does not need to see evidence of the changes. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that students have made the requested changes before data collection begins.

Request amendments

Minor amendments/clarifications (to be approved by Chair's action):

Some minor amendments/clarification are required before approval can be granted.

Major amendments (to be reviewed again by a sub-committee or a research ethics committee):

The applicant is required to address the amendments/clarifications requested by the research ethics committee and submit them for review either by a sub-committee or a full research ethics committee meeting.

Returned for resubmission

The application does not provide the research ethics committee with enough information to make a decision, or the application and/or the accompanying documents are not of an acceptable standard. The applicant will be required to resubmit an updated application for review to the research ethics committee.

(Note that applications may be returned without review if the application includes technical language without common explanation, if the application is poorly constructed grammatically, or if the application is unclear.)


The proposal is ethically unacceptable and will not be approved by City’s research ethics committees.

Applicants have the right to appeal decisions. You can find information about how to appeal below.

Appealing an outcome

Appeals against the outcome of an application made to one of City’s research ethics committees is dealt with in three stages.

Stage 1: Research Ethics Committee appeal

An applicant wishing to appeal a decision made by one of City’s Research Ethics Committees should in the first instance submit their appeal to the Research Ethics Committee which initially reviewed it.

Stage 2: Senate Research Ethics-level review

This Stage is for appellants who have had their appeal rejected by a local Research Ethics Committee and who wishes to appeal this outcome. This Stage is not relevant to appellants who had their Stage 1 appeal heard by Senate Research Ethics Committee.

Stage 3: Institutional-level review

This Stage is for appellants who have had their appeal rejected by Senate Research Ethics Committee and who wish to appeal this outcome.

Read about the process for making such an appeal