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Obscene Material

Procedures for requesting permission to view obscene material via the internet

City, University of London has a series of conditions and policies on the usage of all computers and networks including office based and stand-alone systems.

It should be noted that these conditions form part of City's conditions of employment and student regulations; breach of these regulations, particularly in relation to Data Protection and obscenity, may lead to disciplinary action. The more serious breaches may be considered under gross misconduct. All users should be aware that by registering with Computer Services you have agreed to abide by these Computing Services user regulations and the JANET "acceptable use policy".

These conditions are available online and should be reviewed by users from time to time.

City recognises that staff and students may need to conduct research which involves the use of websites containing obscene material. Likewise research may be conducted in online chatrooms or using other methods of online communication. If you are involved in research of this nature, permission must be sought through the Senate Research Ethics Committee.

Senate Ethics Committee will consider your request and may grant approval to view obscene material via the internet where it is deemed necessary for research or other institution duties.

Requests should be made in writing to the Secretary of the Senate Research Ethics Committee - Anna Ramberg, Research Office. The request should include a list of web addresses and an account of the content of the sites. The researcher's IP address also needs to be included. The IP address will be passed to Computing Services to enable them to keep records of staff/students who have been given permission to view obscene material. The Secretary and/or Chairman of the Committee will review the request and report to Ethics Committee.

If the request to view obscene material is part of a research proposal it may be necessary to submit a full Research Ethics Committee application. Advice may be sought from Anna Ramberg or from the research ethics webpages.