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Senate Research Ethics Committee

Senate Research Ethics Committee reports to the institute's Senate. The Chairman of Senate Research Ethics Committee is Professor Ron Douglas.

Core Responsibilities of the Committee

  • To consider the ethical implications of all experiments, investigations and procedures involving human participants, identifiable personal data or animal subjects carried out in the institution or under the auspices of the institution.
  • In connection with the above, to approve statements of the practice of routine and emergency clinical procedures and other experiments, investigations and procedures routinely undertaken by appropriate departments of City.
  • To consider and grant approval of requests to view obscene material via the internet where it is deemed necessary for research or other institution duties.
  • To receive from individual members of academic staff, Boards of Studies, or Committees of Senate proposals for all other experiments, investigations and procedures falling within its terms of reference and to allow, refer back or disallow such proposals, specifying where necessary any conditions subject to which proposals may be allowed.
  • Make available application forms, guidelines and background documentation.
  • Advise on effective targeting and preparation of applications.
  • Advise on and approve Departmental / School policies and procedures.