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City's Research ethics

In addition to the scientific rigour of a project and the conduct of the researchers, an important aspect of research integrity concerns the ethical issues, in particular safeguarding any participants. Traditionally research ethics was a major concern in projects pertaining to biomedical research, but it is now considered in all disciplines involving human participants, as well as in relation to collection of personal data. It is recognised that there are differences between disciplines, but all research should be guided by the principle that human participants should be protected from harm.

All research involving human participants or identifiable personal information has some ethical implications. Even if the research is low risk, issues such as data protection, confidentiality and anonymity need to be considered. There is also a widening body of professional and legal requirements with which research projects must comply. Ethical approval must be obtained before any research involving human participants or identifiable personal data is undertaken. City's indemnity will not cover research without approval and failure to obtain approval may also result in disciplinary procedures being instigated.

City's Research Ethics Committees are concerned with all aspects of the ethics of research investigations involving human participants and animal subjects carried out in the institution or under the auspices of the institution, by its Schools, staff or students.

The Research Ethics Committees provide assistance to academic staff and associated general staff and students through the provision of compliance and policy advice and approval of research protocols containing ethical implications. City operates a framework of delegated authority, with some local committees in Departments/Schools, all reporting to the Senate Research Ethics Committee.