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Pump Priming Post-award Guidance

Staff receiving pump priming funds are expected to provide a brief report on what has been achieved after 12 months from the date of the award, when the research is also expected to be completed. Guidance and the progress report can be found here.

The report should address outcomes from the project - in particular if there have been any spin-off benefits such as the work supporting an application for external funding or leading to other useful developments, as well as details of how the funds were spent.

Expenditure of the funds will be audited and checked at the end of the project. It is expected that the money will be spent in line with the budget provided for the approved proposal. Any reallocation of funds will need to be cleared through Anna Ramberg in advance of expenditure, and in instances of major changes to spending may need to be referred back to the Assessment Group for approval. Any overspend on the account will have to be covered by the relevant Department/School. Any funds remaining unspent at the end of the project will be returned to the pump priming fund for future reallocation.

Only the cost code provided for the project by Finance at the time of the award should be used when allocating expenditure. For audit purposes, no costs relating to the project should be allocated to any other cost codes, and only costs relating to the project should be allocated to the code set up for the project.